One to One Sessions

I offer what I call ‘Into the Mystery’ sessions where we come together to delve into the hidden realms.  I like the sessions to have a relaxed, friendly feel, so timings are approximate, and everything within the session is guided by Spirit.  I may bring to the surface many different aspects that are relevant to you on your particular soul’s journey.  If you are someone who loves the mystery, stepping into the unknown, and receiving information from Spirit, then these sessions are for you.  Here is a channelling I did which describes the essence of these sessions:

“Together we enter the mystery to reveal the living universe through its communication via the imagination.  The world soul is constantly communicating to the souls of this world through dreams, stories, poems, songs, art, dance, creativity and more.  A bridge to other realms, we delve into the hidden and discover what gold lies waiting under the surface in the mystery of this world.  Doors of wonder await, lets go in together.” 

 Sessions last approximately 1 hour and cost £75.  Sessions are in person only, as online sessions do not feel in alignment with this work.  Sessions can take place at my home in Coleford, near Frome, or at the White Rabbit in Glastonbury.

To book, simply send me an email – and we will organise a convenient time. 

I look forward to experiencing the mystery with you,  James.